Speakers for Ignite HoCo #4

The speakers for Ignite Howard County #4 have been selected:

Rev. Brian Akers – Hidden in the Shadow of Mental Illness
Jeffrey Antkowiak – The Night I Found A Dead Man
Wendy Baird – The Storm Before the Calm
Anisa Cott – Let’s Talk About Race.
Thomas Grobicki – Why I Lost 110 lbs.
Allison Jessing – School is Out. Global Learning is In.
Rachel Lajoie – Almost an Astronaut’s Wife: Dreams, Vulnerability and Living a Life You Love
Lori Lilly – Saving the World with Charcoal and Plants
Sheela Reddy – Civil Assertion – A Cure for Relationship Violence
Elizabeth Richardson – Wake Up!
Greg Schuckman – Becoming Your Own Superhero
Arti Varanasi – From Idea to Impact: Curiosity in Action